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New Harmony Nutrition Discussion Group Meeting March 17th, 7PM

As part of our educational mission, the New Harmony Nutrition Group is open to anyone who wants to get a clearer understanding of how we are truly "what we eat" and desires to deepen their understanding of nutrition and prepare healthier meals. While the group often uses a book as the foundation of the evening's discussion, reading the book is not necessary to join the discussion group. 


Our March group will delve into the key concepts of T. Colin Campbell's book Whole: Rethinking the Science of NutritionHere is a description to whet your appetite:

"What happens when you eat an apple? The answer is vastly more complex than you imagine.Every apple contains thousands of antioxidants whose names, beyond a few like vitamin C, are unfamiliar to us, and each of these powerful chemicals has the potential to play an important role in supporting our health. They impact thousands upon thousands of metabolic reactions inside the human body. But calculating the specific influence of each of these chemicals isn't nearly sufficient to explain the effect of the apple as a whole. Because almost every chemical can affect every other chemical, there is an almost infinite number of possible biological consequences."

"And that's just from an apple. Nutritional science, long stuck in a reductionist mindset, is at the cusp of a revolution. The traditional "gold standard" of nutrition research has been to study one chemical at a time in an attempt to determine its particular impact on the human body. These sorts of studies are helpful to food companies trying to prove there is a chemical in milk or pre-packaged dinners that is "good" for us, but they provide little insight into the complexity of what actually happens in our bodies or how those chemicals contribute to our health."

"In The China Study, T. Colin Campbell revolutionized the way we think about our food with the evidence that a whole food, plant-based diet is the healthiest way to eat. Now, in Whole, he explains the science behind that evidence, the ways our current scientific paradigm ignores the fascinating complexity of the human body, and why, if we have such overwhelming evidence that everything we think we know about nutrition is wrong, our eating habits haven't changed."

Our meeting will be held at Farrah Willis-Goode's home at 2 Independent St. Newburyport on Tuesday, March 17 at 7PM. Farrah will be leading the discussion.

You can contact Erin or our host Farrah for more information or to RSVP.



New for 2015 Our Pick-Your-Own Herb and Flower Share at Our Newbury Farm

After running a small pilot flower garden last year, we are excited to be expanding our pick-your-own herb and flower share this year at our Newbury farm.

For  12 weeks PYO herb and flower shareholders will be able to walk  down to our herb garden and flower field each week to pick a bundle of fresh herbs  and a lovely seasonal bouquet of our perennial and annual flowers. Our flower garden includes a bounty of classics such as snapdragons, sunflowers, cosmos, asters, and zinneas plus  visually enticing varieties of ornamental grasses and hard to find flowers such as Bells of Ireland, Larkspur, Sweet Cicely and Green Gold Bupleurum! This year we are adding  the herbs  parsley, dill, cilantro, basil and mint periodically to our CSA distribution. By joining our Pick-Your-Own Herb and Flower Garden  share you will be able to pick a weekly bundle of those herbs when you need them plus ones that are rarely seen at the farm stand including, summer savory, Greek oregano, sage, English thyme, lemon thyme, rose geranium,  edible flowers, garlic chives, chervil, sage, French Tarragon, zatar, lemon balm, sweet marjoram, spearmint, rosemary and bay laurel. The Newbury PYO garden is open during farm stand hours.

The Pick-Your-Own Garden is open 7 days a week during farm stand hours for 12 weeks July-October and costs $120 for the season. We will also be offering picked flower and herb bouquets for sale at our farm stand. Go to our CSA Shares page to sign up.




As the 2014 Ends a Time of Gratitude and Reflection

Our first full year growing at our new farm in Newbury was a resounding success. That success was due to a great community effort of dedicated family, staff, volunteers, and collaborators that are committed  to building a  compassionate and sustainable future. I want to especially thank the two men who worked closely with me to develop the farm and where responsible for most of the day to day labor of growing and harvesting our delicious crops- Michael Everett and JD Hutchison-Maxwel. Both men will be moving on to their next adventures but they will always be close to my heart and are an integral part of the evolving story of New Harmony Farm. JD took time before his move back to Puerto Rico to send me his reflections on being at New Harmony. I want to share his elegant and inspiring insights with you.

2014 Early Spring Seeding (L-R ): Michael Everett Our Amazing Produciton Manager, Alex Notis, Spring Intern, and John David (JD) Hutchison- Maxwell Permaculture Maven and Erin's Right Hand M

2014 Early Spring Seeding (L-R ): Michael Everett Our Amazing Produciton Manager, Alex Notis, Spring Intern, and John David (JD) Hutchison- Maxwell Permaculture Maven and Erin's Right Hand M

"It has given me the greatest pleasure to work at New Harmony Farm for the past two seasons. The opportunity to serve a cause greater than oneself, one based on mutual respect and love for all life, is the highest honor. I have learned much from this job, way more than I could have ever imagined, about farming and a whole lot more. I have given so much to this place, and I have received even more in return. I have seen firsthand the difficulties of establishing a small farm business, of instilling some order into the chaos. I have felt the responsibility of a new business owner when you know that something must get done and that there is no one else to do it. Like working into the dark to protect the peppers and eggplants before an early cold snap, and then rising before dawn to start the next day's harvest.

 This is work that requires care, humility, and compassion for all life. In the process, we honor our fundamental interconnectedness with all life. Seen and unseen, and felt, this connection is real. The tides that bind must be stronger than what our differences allow. We must practice patience and humility. We must learn to cultivate relationships as we cultivate crops; selflessly, seeing the whole in each seemingly separate part. The seeds we sow are scattered far and wide, and we know not what we do. But whatever we do, let's do it with love, and we will reap such bounty as cannot be measured in bushels or bunches.

 Helping to establish an organic farm with a sweeping holistic vision and a mission of health, wellness, and connection has been my highest honor and my greatest personal challenge. I have been prodded and pushed and stretched in so many ways, pushed to limits physical and mental and emotional. Stressed and exhausted and wounded, I have spilled tears, and blood, and felt the profound depths of despair and the soaring heights of ecstasy and everything in between. This pioneering phase, when the rubber of idealism hits the road of reality, is not for everyone. But most of all, I have felt fulfilled in my work. The sweet satisfaction of honest hard work, of giving it your all and reaping the rewards financial, nutritional, relational, emotional, spiritual; this is the new harmony I found." - John David Hutchison-Maxwell



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Snow Bird Special: Join Our 2015 Summer CSA Before January 1 and Receive $40-$70 of "Farm Bucks" Credit at our Summer Farmstand

2015 will be our fourth full growing season and the fifth year of our CSA Harvest Share. The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model is designed to directly connect consumers to growers. By pre-buying a share of the upcoming season’s harvest, customers support the farm with the critical funding needed to invest in supplies such as seeds and equipment during the winter months as well as on-going production costs throughout the season. In return for sharing the risks like weather, pests, etc., members enjoy abundant rewards! At New Harmony Farm, our Summer Harvest Share CSA pick-up is farm stand style with our customers selecting their own vegetable and herbs. New this year, is our Pick-Your-Own Herb and Flower Harvest Share at our Newbury Farm for an additional $120 for approximately 12 weeks. Our shareholders are valuable members of the NHF family and enjoy a weekly bounty of food including delicious, organic classic, ethnic, and heirloom vegetables picked at their peak flavor. In 2015 we are planning our harvest to be from mid-June thru mid to late October (18 weeks) and pick-up is conveniently scheduled every week at our Newbury and West Newbury, MA farm stands. The expected harvest will begin with greens, pea tendrils, garlic scapes, and roots to name only a few. The warmer months come with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, kale, zucchini, and so much more. As Fall approaches the cooler temps are perfect for potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, spinach, kale, beets, and squash. Shareholders will also have a pick-your-own garden of peas, beans, and cherry tomatoes at our Newbury farm. 7 benefits to being a New Harmony Farm Shareholder:

(1) Freshness & Quality You Can Trust: The farm-to-customer model ensures that you are getting vegetables that have been picked at their peak freshness. As an organic farmer, you can rest assured that you are serving yourself and your family vegetables that are free of sludge, chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. Our farming practices ensure our veggies are not only organic but also nutrient dense!

(2) Money Saving: A Full Share for $700 can feed an average family of four people. Over 18 weeks, this factors to less than $9.72 per week or $1.38 per day per person for organic vegetables! Plus, when stored properly our vegetables will keep longer than store bought items (see #1).

(3) Shareholder Only Perks: As a New Harmony Farm Shareholder you can enjoy a variety of perks including our Kitchen & Pantry Guide to help you get the most out of your CSA, a 25% workshop discount, shareholder only events, pick your own beans, peas, and cherry tomatoes, weekly recipes and meal planning, free eco-friendly bag for new members, and $25 farm stand credit for referrals that purchase a share.

(4) Community & Connection: Being a shareholder is a great way to get to know your farmer, and for us to get to know you! Our farm is about building community through taking care of the Earth, offering innovative educational programs, and of course producing nutritious vegetables. Shareholders are more closely connected to where their food comes from and are welcomed to participate in harvesting events. Pick-ups are a great time to talk to us about recipes, storage and preparation tips, etc.

(5) Mutual Support: We are in this together. With your up-front financial commitment, we commit to growing you the most nutritious and delicious vegetables that we can.

(6) Environment: As a certified organic farm using earth-friendly biological farming practices and permaculture principles, our approach promotes and enhances the health and resilience of soil biology, plants, animals, and people.

(7) Education: We strive to be more than just a vegetable farm by providing your highly valuable educational tools whether it be through workshops, discussion groups, blogs, etc. Bringing your children to the farm is a great way to teach them about the importance of agriculture and caring for our land.

Join us NOW and get up to $70 in Farm Stand Credit!

We are offering Full and Half Share options and a Pick-Your-Own Herb/Flower Share in Newbury. Go to the Summer 2015 Harvest Share link for more details and to enroll on-line or download the application and mail the check to New Harmony Farm, % Erin Stack, 76 Lime Street, Newburyport, MA.

With you payment in full by December 31, 2014, Full Share members will receive a $70 Farm Stand Credit towards 2015 farm stand purchases and Half Share members will receive $40. That’s 10% more vegetables - FREE!

We have bold goals for 2015 including increasing our harvest share members by more than 50%. Building off this year’s success, we are eager to grow our community and implement the valuable feedback that we’ve received from our existing harvest share members. We thank you for your valued support and look forward to a bountiful 2015 growing season and building a healthy and joyful community.

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Learn To Grow Delicious, Nutrient Dense Vegetables- A Free Lecture with Dan Kittredge, September 10, 7 PM at New Harmony's Barn

New Harmony Farm LLC, Greater Newburyport’s local certified organic and bionutrient-dense grower, is hosting a free introductory lecture by Dan Kittredge, executive director of the Bionutrient Food Association on the principles of biological farming and growing nutrient dense food. By balancing soil minerals and nurturing vital soil biology, plants are able to grow into more productive, nutrient-dense and pest-resistant crops. The lecture will be held on September 10, at 7pm at our barn at 186 High Road, Newbury.Dan Green house For those interested in applying these highly successful practices, New Harmony Farm, LLC will be hosting two 1-day workshops on High BioNutrient Dense Crop Production taught by Dan Kittredge and New Harmony's Erin Stack, with the first part of the workshop on Saturday September 27, 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM and the second half of the workshop in early spring of 2015. These workshops inform and support participants in understanding and applying innovative and reliable principles and practices for producing more nutritious food crops in an ecologically sustainable way that lead to healthier lives. The learning focus of the series includes soil biology, mineralogy and energy dynamics. The workshop will begin with an analysis of participants' soil tests, discussion about cover crops, and recommended soil amendments. These are ways to build the health of the soil and stimulate its digestive processes to assure maximum potential for effective crop growth and improved yield in the following spring and summer. Cost for both workshops is $150 (with some partial scholarships available).

For more information, please contact Erin at: 978-807-6315



We Are Now Taking Applications For Our 6 Week, Late Fall CSA October 16- November 21

With Labor Day Weekend upon us, we bid adieu to Summer and begin to turn toward the brisk days of autumn and the final hurrah of our growing season. Late fall harvest at New Harmony will include a lovely variety of cool weather crops: vibrant lettuce, kale, spinach, and many other greens, Some of the 2013 winter squash harvest frost kissed Brussel Sprouts, many varieties of potatoes, and delicious root vegetables pulled fresh from the ground with wonderful sugar contents that come as the root crops build up their nutrients for winter. We are beginning to cure our bumper crop of garlic and onions and in a few weeks we will begin to harvest and cure our wide variety of heirloom winter squashes. Wether you are planning to extend you CSA harvest season with us or you want to try our CSA to see if it is a good fit for you, now is the time to join. Full Share (family size) - $245.00 ($275 with home delivery) Half Share (feeds 1-2 people) – $135.00 ($165 with home delivery)

Share pickup is weekly (Thursdays and Fridays 3pm-6:00 pm Saturday 10am-noon), Given the darkening days and colder weather, your shares will be bagged and waiting for you with your name on them for your convenience on Thursdays at West Newbury. We will continue to have the farm-stand style distribution on Friday/Saturday at our Newbury Farm stand. For the Late Fall CSA only we will be offering share home delivery to the towns of Newbury, West Newbury, and Newburyport for an additional fee of $30 for all 6 weeks. Deliveries will be on Thursdays after 3 pm. Thursday Distribution: New Harmony Farm, LLC, 77 Bridge Street, West Newbury, MA Friday Distribution: New Harmony Farm, LLC, Newbury, 186 High Rd. Newbury, MA Saturday Distribution: New Harmony Farm, LLC, Newbury, 186 High Rd. Newbury, MA

Now that you've read about our nutritious offerings you may want to join our 2014 CSA Fall Share now.

Fill out the Membership Form ONLINE OR Download the Membership Form (then mail it in)



Chef Chris Tighe From SALT Kitchen and Rum Bar Loves our Bionutrient Dense Food.

Chef Chris Tighe from the absolutely fabulous Salt Kitchen and Rum Bar in Ipswich, MA visits our farm every Friday. He walks the fields with Erin to select our produce at their peak for his menu. Chris has become a dear farm friend and graciously allowed Erin to take a brief video on why he is such a fan of our food and our nutrient dense, biological farming practices. Click on the following link to hear Chris's joyful riff Chef Chris Tighe On New Harmony.



Come Visit Our Newbury Farmstand - We Are Now Open 7 Days A Week

We are very excited as our farm stand at 186 High Rd. Newbury is really coming together and our harvest is bountiful. Presently our harvest tables brim with the likes of a wide variety of these crops; heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, melons, cukes, peppers, summer squash, kale, onions, sunflowers, and much more. We also bring Thursday (most weeks through early September) freshly picked certified organic corn from the Pioneer Valley. I imagine the only certified organic corn in the county! Our farmstand is self-serve. We take cash and checks with amounts rounded down to the nearest quarter. Please deposit money in our gray, steel deposit box mounted on the wall by the glass door.

Our hours are:

Monday-Friday Noon - 6 PM Saturday and Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM

My Daughter Izzy's Panoramic Photo of Our Newly Built Produce Table



It's Not Too Late - We are Still Taking Summer CSA Applications!

Although there was a bit of a slow start to this year's growing season due to a very cold and snowy winter and colder than normal temperatures that continue to persist, we are happy with our spring crops ( our scallions, salad greens, lettuce, chard and kale are especially gorgeous right now) thanks to our biological growing practices and the skills and enthusiasm of our wonderful farm team. Distribution started on Thursday June 12th but we are still taking memberships. If you join in June you will get an lovely recycled cloth tote as our gift to bring you share home. Contact Erin for pro-rated price shares.lettuce in field Our distribution hours are:

77 Bridge St. West Newbury Thursdays 3:00pm-6:30pm

186 High Rd. Newbury Fridays 3:00pm-6:00pm

186 High Rd. Newbury Saturdays 10:00am-noon

There will be extra produce available for purchase and later in the summer, we will have some lovely flowers.So if you have been waiting on signing up - now's the time! We are looking forward to a great summer with several really fun farm events for shareholders at our awesome barn at our Newbury farm. Go to our membership page to sign up for our summer CSA!



Learn Beautiful Ways to Help the Threatened Monarch Butterfly. Join Us Saturday, May 3rd, for Our Monarch Butterfly Celebration at New Harmony Farm, Newbury

As part of New Harmony Farm, LLC’s environmental and educational mission, we are inviting the public to our butterfly garden workshop and installation at 10 AM Saturday, May 3rd. We will be transforming our front yard septic leach field at 186 High Rd. Newbury into a wonderful Modernist Butterfly and Beneficial Insect Garden that will be a certifed Monarch Waystation. At noon there will be a community pot-luck. Two of our CSA shareholders have graciously offered free back to back lectures. At 1 PM, biologist Nancy Pau will talk about the incredible lifecycle and migration of the monarch butterfly and the cause of recent population declines. She will also 600_353833862discuss the importance of backyard wildlife gardens, both for the conservation of wildlife and for their enjoyment. Angela Palmer will follow Ms. Pau’s lecture with “Not Your Grandma's Pollinator Garden”. Angela says gardens filled with native plants that attract beneficial pollinators don't have to be a wild looking hodgepodge of plants. These gardens can fit into your current gardening style, no matter that that style is. Angela will introduce us to some of the most ornamental, native pollinator perennials and shows us how to incorporate these plants into existing gardens or into a brand new garden to promote maximum sustainability in your own back yard. She will discuss traditional perennial borders, formal gardens and minimalist style plantings that will work well at home and not only add color, texture and 4 seasons of interest, but also feed the pollinators who desperately need our help to stay alive.

We are also looking for plants to go in our Monarch Garden if you have any of these perennials that you would be willing to share we and the butterflies would be most grateful:

Monarda - Bee Balm Echinacea - coneflowers Asclepias - swamp milkweed and or butterfly weed Eupatorium hyssopifolium - hyssop leaved bonset Phlox paniculata - summer phlox Agastache - hyssop Amsonia hubrectii - Blue Star Lavender - Any kind would be welcome Rudebeckia - Black Eyed Susans Here's a little more on two of your awesome fellow shareholders:

Nancy Pau is the Wildlife Biologist at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, where she manages over 7000 acres of habitat to benefit a diversity of plants and wildlife. Her passion for plants and insects were first kindled in her botany and entomology classes at Cornell University. She now shares that passion with her two young boys through gardening and chasing of butterflies in their backyard.

Angela's career has spanned almost every aspect of gardening, garden design and teaching folks how to garden with plants – especially natives. She's the founder and now team partner in Plants Nouveau, LLC. a new plant introduction company based in Alabama and Massachusetts . Angela travels the World searching for new plants to introduce. She's always had a passion for new plants and selecting the best new plants is what she does best. Angela has also been directing the Native Plants in the Landscape Conference at Millersville University in PA for the last 13 years.

Come for all or part of the day. It's free! Walk-ins are welcome but if you know you want to come it is helpful for me to know.



Register Now for for the Second Session of "Organic and Biological Growing Through the Seasons: Setting Up Your Garden for Success" on April 26

Learn to work with Nature to grow healthy, nutrient dense plants with our workshop "Organic and Biological Growing through the Seasons: Spring – Setting Up Your Garden for Success”. Farmer Erin will instruct the basics of organic and biological gardening through lecture, discussion and a tour of our certified organic farm as we begin our growing season. Topics include: Preparing your garden plan Garden bed preparation Spring Soil fertility Transplanting and seedling nutrition Plant spacing and growing requirements for different herbs, flowers, and vegetables Companion planting Irrigation options for the small garden row covers and mulching Good record keeping

Spring Prep 2013Saturday, April 26, (Rain Date Sunday, April 27) 10 AM -Noon at New Harmony Farm, LLC 186 High Rd. Newbury MA class limit:20 Cost: Pre-registered (24 hours before the workshop) Sliding fee $20-$25 (sliding scale)* and $28 drop in. New Harmony Farm shareholders have a 25% discount at pre-registered $15-$20 and $22 drop in This course is popular to be able to secure a spot pre-registration is recommended. To preregister contact Erin



Spring Must Finally Be Here! JD and the Peepers are Back!

Long overdue, the raucous sound of those harbingers of New England spring:the frisky little Peeper Frogs filled the air last week. Their welcome chorus lets me know that the unseasonably cold weather is truly on the wane allowing our soils to dry and get our spring planting underway. JD plants GHAlong with the Peepers our beloved JD Hutchison-Maxwell has returned from his winter home in Puerto Rico where he works at the permaculture educational center Las Plenitud. JD continues to hone his permaculture skills and his knowledge will be put to good use as our Permaculture Manager for our two farms. He will be working on building our infrastructure and water systems and developing our perennial and fruit plantings while working with me and the rest of our wonderful farm team to grow the most delicious and healthy veggies we can.



It All Starts with Quality Seed

One of the many joys of the "off-season for vegetable farmers is perusing the stacks of seed catalogs and making our purchases for the upcoming growing season. Quality seeds are critical to growing quality crops and so all our seed is certified organic except for the few flower, unusual herbs and heirloom vegetables that are not available in organic certified. Even the cover crop seed we use to nourish the soil is all certified organic. Every year I swear I'll reduce my number of varieties and every year,I do cull some varieties that did not do well for us. But alas, the artist in me cannot resist new tantalizing delicious and colorful varieties when I am "curating" my year's selection of beautiful vegetables.Erin seeds 2014 Sooo, I've finished up cataloging and listing the over 450 varieties of herbs, flowers, vegetables, and melons that we will be offering this year for our organic certification records and now I am working on our planting schedule for the growing season. Some of the new varieties that CSA members can look forward too are Macomber and Eastham turnips, Red Ruffled Kale, Silver Slicer Cucumbers, Bear Paw Popcorn, Boston Marrow Squash, Chartenais Melons, Saltwort, Shirofumi Soybean (endame), Parisian Carrots (they are round),Large Barred Boar Tomatoes, Balady Aswan Celtuce ( a whole new vegetable crop -sort of like buttery lettuce on top of a tasty celery stalk), and African Habenero Peppers from seeds given to us from JD's father, John Hutchison. In case you haven't gotten all you seeds for your garden yet. Here are the companies we use and recommend for quality seed:

Baker's Creek: These seeds are not certified organic but offer a great selection of rare heirlooms and open pollinated varieties. They also have the sexiest seed catalog. Their photos truly incite desire I call their catalog "vegie porn".

Fedco: A great Maine institution, that have an amazing selection of certified organic and sustainable seeds that will grow well in our New England Climate.

High Mowing: Our "go to" seed company. All certified organic vegetable seeds of excellent quality. This Vermont seed company has great varieties for New England

Horizon Herbs: An Oregon seed company that has the largest collection of herb seeds. Almost all are certified organic

Johnny's Selected Seeds: Another great Maine seed company that trails seeds for growing well in our climate. They offer some certified organic seed.

Seed Savers Exchange: This Iowa non-profit really was the pioneer of seed saving for maintaining biodiversity and saving vanishing heirlooms. While not all of their seed is organic. They have a safe seed pledge that guarantee that there is no GMOs (so do Johhnny's).

Turtle Tree Seed: A New York non-profit that offers all biodynamic certified seeds. Most are also certified organic.

Wild Garden Seeds: Another great Oregon seed company. All certified organic with a focus on greens.


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Our New High Tunnel in Newbury is Finally Complete!

pulling ropes ht spreading plastic ht

pitching the rope ht At 96' x 30' building our first high tunnel was quite a learning experience. Thanks to all the farm friends and family that gathered to help us. We were able to build the structure in November and early December but then had to wait over 3 long month to have the right conditions of minimal breeze and over freezing temperatures to get on the 100' x 60' layers of plastic that cover the high tunnel. It felt like an old fashioned barn raising when 16 compatriots came out on a very early Saturday morning in March to help us complete our epic task. Auspiciously, no one flew away while holding on to this giant plastic sail! Once both layers of plastic were secured it was a thrilling experience to enter the warming high tunnel as the sun illuminated our plant cathedral. Electricity will be installed next week and we are raising our first seedlings of the season in the high tunnel now. It's wonderful to imagine that in a few months this empty high tunnel will be brimming with heirloom tomatoes!

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Learn to Grow Delicious and Healthy Veggies with our 4 Season Organic and Nutrient Dense Gardening Workshop Series Beginning Saturday March 15 (Rescheduled from March 8)

New Harmony Farm is expanding our educational mission through new farm workshop offerings for 2014. Due to popular interest, Erin will be teaching Bionurtient Dense growing practices from soil prep to harvest with her "Organic Nutrient Dense Growing through the Seasons" series. "Organic Nutrient Dense Growing through the Seasons Winter - Seed Starting Nutrient Dense Plants", March 15, (Snow Storm Date Sunday March 16) 10 AM - Noon.

The first 12 days of a seedlings life are the most critical in developing the plant's genetic potential. Learn how to grow healthy, nutrient dense seedlings from an organic and biological perspective. Hands on workshop topics include:

Some of our early seedlings in 2013 seedling 2013 Best soil mixes and making your own. Seed starting supports and making soil blocks. Choosing the best seeds Seed soaking and inoculate Creating optimal growing conditions for seedlings Build your own germination chamber or indoor growing station, Timing of seed starting and transplanting of various vegetable, herb and flower starts.

The schedule for the other 3 Bionutrient workshops are:

“Organic Nutrient Dense Growing through the Seasons Spring – Setting Up Your Garden for Success” Saturday, April 26, (Rain Date Sunday, April 27)

"Organic Nutrient Dense Growing through the Seasons Summer -Working with Nature to Control Pests and Weeds" Saturday, July 12, (Rain Date Sunday, July 13)

"Organic Nutrient Dense Growing through the Seasons-Fall Garden Prep: Maintaining a Living Soil Through the Winter" Saturday, September 20, (Rain Date Sunday, September 21)

The cost for each of our farm workshops unless otherwise noted are preregistered (the day before the workshop) $20-25$ and $27 drop in*. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. New Harmony Farm shareholders have a 25% discount at preregisted $15.00-$17.00 and $20 drop in. Workshops unless otherwise noted are held at our new farm at 186 High Road, Newbury, MA 01950. In case of impending bad weather check our homepage for workshop scheduling updates. For more information on our other work shops go to our Workshops Page

For more information and to preregister send an email to Erin or call her at 978-807-6315.



Hints of Spring

As spring approaches energy is stirring at New Harmony Farm. Things are coming together well at our new field on High Road in Newbury. On Saturday it was warm and we worked to get the rapidly melting snow out of the newly built greenhouse. Deep pools of water had accumulated so we dug paths in the ice to get the water flowing out onto lower ground. It was satisfying to watch the rivulets flow faster as the greenhouse drained out. Working with the flowing water has helped us to get a better sense of the land as we plan for the spring planting, observing closely the layout of the terrain to figure out the best possible flow of moisture. The water is a wonderful teacher. It was also quite fun to get muddy with a shovel and pickaxe in the warm sun. The new location is ripening with potential as we prepare for planting. We've been reinvigorating the soil with a healthy dose of trace minerals. Our plants will be thriving on a rich and balanced diet of nutrient dense soil this summer. Spirits are running high as the elements come together. Many projects await during the coming weeks!



Now Enrolling for our 2014 Summer CSA

We are new taking new memberships applications for our 2014 Summer CSA.After using this summer to begin to prepare our soil at our new farm in Newbury, we are very excited about our potential for the 2014 growing season. We will be creating self-serve farm stands at both our Newbury and West Newbury locations next year. These farm stands will enhance your CSA experience as it will offer even more choices for your CSA selections (including the opportunity to choose double of some items) and also give you the opportunity to buy more of items that you may want for recipes. Plus it allows us to offer again a Saturday distribution option. The Summer CSA is for 18 weeks running June - October. Full Shares wich feed 2 vegetarians or a family is $700 and a half share wich feeds 1-2 people is $400. squash turnip The advantage of joining the CSA is that you will be able to get approximately a 10% discount of farm stand prices, a 25% discount on many of our farm workshops, the opportunity to use our pick your own garden and those yummy weekly recipes. The advantage for us, the farmers, is that by buying your share in advance, you supply us with much needed cash flow to fund the labour and the farm supplies of seeds, fertility, and equipment necessary to bring in the harvest next summer. We are keeping to just 100 summer shares for 2014 and with the increased interest in our farm we expect to sell out in the spring. For more information please go to our Membership Page.



The Cabbage That Got A-Weigh

IMG_3825 Measuring over 3 1/2 feet wide, and with over 14 pounds of nutrient-dense white stems and shiny dark green leaves, this  head of bok choy cabbage is a crisp and flavorful reminder that sometimes the best thing you can do is just let something be. In a bed of Asian greens long since abandoned to witchgrass and weeds, a few stalwart bok choy successfully staked their claim.

One plant in particular far outstripped the rest, and this beauty is something to see. It is a testament to the potential for quality and vigor that all of our veggies contain and desire to express, and that they will express if given the proper nutrition and growing conditions. So here's to you bok choy, thanks for showing us what you can do.




Still Want To Try Our Veggies This Year? Enroll now for our Fall Extension CSA and/or our Holiday Bulk Shares

Are you sorry you missed the chance to join our summer CSA this year? The good news is there are still two opportunities to start getting our deliciously fresh, and nutrient dense food through the end of the year. Firstly, there still shares available for our 5 week fall extension, that will run October 24th through November 22nd and secondly, we are again offering our popular November and December Holiday Bulk Share. Winter Squash harvestFALL EXTENSION SHARE (10/24 - 11/22) : Our Fall Extension CSA distribution will still be on Thursdays and our West Newbury Farm at 77 Bridge St. and Fridays at our Newbury Farm at 186 High Road. As we have less share holders for the Fall distribution and we think people are less inclined to mull over their veggie selections as it gets colder outside we will be offering bagged shares of our winter squash,more of our yummy garlic, heirloom root vegetables that will only come into their own until after the frost including saslify, parsnip, gillfeather turnips, rutabaga, black Spanish radishes, Pink and Green Meat Radishes, fall carrots, Golden, Chioggia, and Albino beets and Jerusalem Artichokes, delicious greens including several varieties of lettuce, mustard, spinach, chard, kale, arugula, kohlrabi, and brussel sprouts that are become very sweet in the colder weather.For the Fall extension only we are also offering to deliver to West Newbury, Newbury, and Newburyport residents for an additional fee of $20 for the 5 week distribution. You may also download our Fall extension application form NHCSA Fall Extension 2013 and mail it in with payment to:

Erin Stack c/o New Harmony Farm, LLC 76 Lime St. Newburyport, MA 01950

HOLIDAY BULK SHARE ( 11/25, 12/20):

The bulk shares will be held farmstand style like our summer CSA and will be distributed inside our house at our Newbury Farm at 186 High Road. Each bulkshare is equivalent to approximately 4 partial shares and will have a good variety of items with many of them being in larger quantities than our summer amounts so you can feed more folks during the holidays. Items include: winter squash, potatoes, garlic, classic and unusual roots including gilfeather turnips, rutabaga, parsnips and Jerusalem Artichokes, fresh salad green from our hoop house and other treats such as shallots and cranberries in November and delicious citrus in December. Enroll by in the next two weeks ( October 18) and you will receive a $5 early bird discount for each distribution. You may download our 2013 Bulk Share application form Nov:DEC New Harmony Holiday Share mail in the attached form with payment or bring it to distribution.

Please contact Farmer Erin Stack at 978-807-6315 or if you have any questions.



Come on Down to Our West Newbury Farmstand

New Harmony FarmstandThanks to the generosity of two of our dearest farm angels Tom McCrane and Farris Bennet, New Harmony Farm had a farm stand at 270 Main St.(across from the Food Mart) in West Newbury late August through September. Now that the Rocks' Village bridge is open, the farmstand is back at our farm at 77 Bridge St. We will have produce out (barring severe weather) through October daily and depending on the weather into November. Extra thanks goes to Tom for building the farm stand. What a gift to us!.