Cultivating Eco-Conscious Community

New Harmony brings innovation, beauty, and communal creativity to the farm through Articulture. Articulture is the process of cultivating a living, community art space – a dynamic and sustainable “eco-creative system”. Erin Stack and her co-directors, Deb Cinamon and Tim Gaudreau of the Green Artists League (GAL), work as “articulturists” creating living art “space” that involves the exchange of expertise, skills, and effort between the GAL artists, expert collaborators, and members of the community in the co-creation of public gardens that feeds/nurtures the community through food, imagination, beauty, and the fostering of a more intimate and conscious relationship with nature. Viewing art as an agent for transformation, GAL engages the public through participatory art experiences with the goal to challenge and empower people to adopt more environmentally sustainable behaviors and attitudes. GAL has created numerous articulture projects at the New Eden Collaborative of First Parish Church, Newbury including the ongoing Alchemical Garden: A permaculture and edible art park on the Clipper City Rail Trail. 

New Harmony Farm will be Articulture’s magnum opus and will evolve. New Harmony community members can look forward to numerous and interesting ways to become involved in our upcoming articulture events and projects.

Radient City: Utopian Chicken Architecture a collaboration of artists Andrew Barco, Erin Stack and members of the New Eden Collaborative Community Garden of First Parish Church, Newbury. The structure now lives at our Newbury farm where we plan to work with our farm community to instill "animal empathy" through creating a modernist chicken playground..


Crop Circles: a phytoremediation art project at GAL's  Alchemical  Garden at Newburport's Clipper Rail Trail

Articulture Butterfly Garden. Volunteers turn the front yard septic leach field at our Newbury Farm into a Certified Monarch Waystation with a beautiful garden built in the shape of a giant, abstracted butterfly. The garden was designed by Angela Palmer and constructed  and planted during our Monarch Butterfly Celebration that included free public lectures on the Monarch Butterfly and butterfly and pollinator garden design.