After much anticipation (on my part anyway), I'm delighted to report that I have now recieved my certification from Bay State Organic Certifiers that states that all produce grown at New Harmony Farm is 100% organic! I am very proud to be the only Certified Organic CSA in the Greater Newburyport area (the next closest certified organic CSA is Green Meadows Farm in South Hamilton). When I first decided to take on being an organic farmer, I did not think twice about incurring the considerable extra costs of only using approved organic materials, the extra paperwork, and the certification fee as I believe that consumers should be confident in knowing that all produce they receive in their harvest share is grown to strict organic standards which are good for the earth and all its inhabitants. For the produce grown at New Harmony I am going beyond organic and planning on not using even the broad spectrum natural pesticides that can cause harm to bees and other beneficial insects if not carefully applied. My focus will be on growing my soil through the use of compost, micro minerials and other natural materials and natural foliar sprays to build up my plants nutritional value and immunity to pests and disease.

Stay tuned to this blog to learn more about New Harmony's earth friendly growing practices and permaculture designs for our farm.

Thanks to the diligence and techno savvy of my husband and web wizard Michael, You are now able to give immediate gratification to your enthusiasm to become part of our New Harmony CSA by being able to join on line. To join our 2012 Summer CSA on line click here.

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