Yesterday's extraordinarily wicked wind storm was very exciting in more ways than one at our farm. I have been trying to tighten up the open ends of the hoop house for several weeks and finally had my farmer partner Gary from the New Hampshire CSA scheduled to help me fix it this upcoming Tuesday. Unfortunately, Gaia decided to have some fun this weekend by sending 50 mile an hour gusts our way. I tightened up my 96'long high tunnel the best I could with straps and ropes and felt the house was in good shape. I invited Patty McDermott, my friend and assistant director of the New Eden Collaborative Community Gardens to come to the farm for a visit. As we were chatting away inside the hoop house - warm and protected from the elements, we noticed that the increasing and persistent winds where causing the hoop house plastic to push and pull as such a rate that it began to pull apart several of the metal tracks that hold the plastic tight to the hoop house. If this was not taken care of right away serious damage could be done. So I needed to act fast. I ran to my dear neighbors Dan and Evelyn's house and started pounding at their door. Dan came to our rescue with the required tools, skills, and upper body strength that we need for our hoop house triage. While Dan nailed and screwed the tracks into place, Patty and I tried to keep the tracks steady while the 96' piece of billowing plastic was bucking wildly under our wobbly constraint. Thanks to Patty and Dan, New Harmony's hoop survived only slightly worse for wear. As nerve-wracking as this was, it was also exquisitely elemental and a wonderful opportunity to build deeper communion with new friends through a common triumph.