We at New Harmony are very excited to be collaborating with Dr. Thomas Goreau and Remineralize The Earth as a soil fertility site for Biochar and Basalt rock dust. Biochar is a charcoal created out of biomass that reports to be excellent for soil fertility and sequestering carbon. Basalt rock dust is full of trace minerals that are vital for the health of crops. When basalt dust is mixed with compost it becomes exception dynamic for soil fertility as the compost "charges" the basalt with living microbes that will feed the living "soil web" that is able to change the minerals into a form that allows them to be more readily taking up into the root system of the plants. At our site at New Harmony will be testing the effects of several ratios of Bio Char and Basalt Dust both separately and in combination. Our first test crop will be beets followed by radishes in the fall. More details to follow soon.