Thanks to our farm crew Andrea, Gabe, John, and Sarah we have planted 240 heirloom tomato plants(over 30 varieties) into our new high tunnel. 
As I gather a deeper understanding of biological farming, it truly has become a spiritual practice as I see our ecological interdependence and how critical the smallest micro critter is to our ecological health. 
We have stopped using plastic row cover in our high tunnels (green houses) to make sure we can build the healthiest soil in an environment that receives no natural rain fall. 23 drips tapes where put down including drip tape in the pathways of the tomato house to make sure the soil would never dry out and stop biological activity.We are not tilling the soil because it would harm the worms, fungi and all the micro critters that are essential to healthy soil. Instead we pulled the kale and mustard plants left from winter ( we save islands of each variety to feed the pollinators and save seed) to be composted and used as mulch. The pathways between the tomatoes are heavily mulched with leaves which will increase our worms population and we will mulch the tomato beds with salt hay. All the soil is inoculated with beneficial fungi and bacteria and sprayed with sea minerals, molasses, and other organic goodies to feed both the plants and the microbes in the soil. All this to give our tomato babies a happy home!