stanleysnow chickensWhen I ordered my day-old chicks from McMurray's Hatchery last winter I made sure to get a Buff Laced Polish Rooster as a gift my husband Michael Chesla (who at a 100% Chicago Polish is my favorite rooster). We named our baby rooster Stanley after Michael's uncle. If you came to the farm this summer the odds are you a chance to hear Stanley as he loved to make his presence known by his endearing, but rather ear-splitting crow. Stanley's exuberant crow meant his days were numbered since he could not join the hens in their winter home. All summer I tried in vain to find a home for Stanley and his brother rooster. It appears that you literally can not give away roosters! Just as I had given up and was readying to send Stanley to the stockpot in the sky, my friend Elizabeth Rose came and saved the day. She adopted Stanley and his brother, whom Elizabeth later named Harry and brought them home to her vintage 1920's chicken coop where I know they will be happily spoiled. Stanley and Harry are lucky roosters indeed.All the hens are at their winter home until I can open up the water line in late March. They generally pretty happy but had a nasty scare when a juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk tried to make one of my Rhode Island Reds his dinner. Luckily a good Samaritan was passing by and extricated the tangled and freaked out birds leaving them both shaken but hopefully wiser. The girls are starting to step up their egg production and I will probably have a couple of extra dozen eggs to sell a week. They are $6 a dozen. Contact me or call 978-807-6315 if you would like a dozen. I am also in need of egg cartons and would welcome your left over cartons.