A bit of old news but very important. New Harmony Farm,LLC is expanding thanks to my new farm partner Niall Robinson. New Harmony Farm is now a two field, two family farm. Niall and his wife Katie bought Iron Moon Farm at 186 High Road earlier this summer. The farm will be leased to New Harmony and both field will be known as New Harmony Farm,LLC. Erin will be the farm manager for both our West Newbury and Newbury Fields. The Newbury Field with it's 15.8 acres will greatly increase our growing and education capacities. We are in process now of getting the Newbury field certified organic and are spending this growing season building our soil through cover crops and nutrient dense soil ammendments in preparation for growing great veggies in 2014. Our Friday CSA distributions are now in the garage of the Newbury farmhouse. There have been two great articles written by Jennifer Solis and recently published in the Newburyport Daily News. One is on our farm partnership and the purchase of Iron Moon: "Growing a Passion" and the other on our Nutrient Dense Growing Practices.Niall and Erin at our new High Road, Newbury Farm