As spring approaches energy is stirring at New Harmony Farm. Things are coming together well at our new field on High Road in Newbury. On Saturday it was warm and we worked to get the rapidly melting snow out of the newly built greenhouse. Deep pools of water had accumulated so we dug paths in the ice to get the water flowing out onto lower ground. It was satisfying to watch the rivulets flow faster as the greenhouse drained out. Working with the flowing water has helped us to get a better sense of the land as we plan for the spring planting, observing closely the layout of the terrain to figure out the best possible flow of moisture. The water is a wonderful teacher. It was also quite fun to get muddy with a shovel and pickaxe in the warm sun. The new location is ripening with potential as we prepare for planting. We've been reinvigorating the soil with a healthy dose of trace minerals. Our plants will be thriving on a rich and balanced diet of nutrient dense soil this summer. Spirits are running high as the elements come together. Many projects await during the coming weeks!