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pitching the rope ht At 96' x 30' building our first high tunnel was quite a learning experience. Thanks to all the farm friends and family that gathered to help us. We were able to build the structure in November and early December but then had to wait over 3 long month to have the right conditions of minimal breeze and over freezing temperatures to get on the 100' x 60' layers of plastic that cover the high tunnel. It felt like an old fashioned barn raising when 16 compatriots came out on a very early Saturday morning in March to help us complete our epic task. Auspiciously, no one flew away while holding on to this giant plastic sail! Once both layers of plastic were secured it was a thrilling experience to enter the warming high tunnel as the sun illuminated our plant cathedral. Electricity will be installed next week and we are raising our first seedlings of the season in the high tunnel now. It's wonderful to imagine that in a few months this empty high tunnel will be brimming with heirloom tomatoes!

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