Walking on the earth now has an official term because we have become so distant from it- it's called "Earthing". The soil, grass, sand or stone beneath our feet heals us. The earth is an electrical planet with all living creatures on it being electrical too. The positive shift you feel when you have walked on grass, dirt, sand or concrete is the process of your body becoming infused with the Earth's ever present healing energy. This direct contact with the Earth has now been found to reduce inflammation in the body, reduce stress and improve sleep.

This Saturday morning we will gather at the community room at 9 am in our barn at 186 High Rd. Newbury and then go out into our land to "Earth" and practice Qi Gong with Anne. As part of New Harmony's evolving educational mission to deepen our connection to Nature, this free workshop is a gift to our community.

Anne Fedowicz is a licensed acupuncturist at Rivers Of Wellness in Newburyport and has been practicing and teaching Qi Gong for 15 years.