Ancient indigenous understanding knows the Earth is the physical manifestation of the divine feminine: The Mother.  By awakening our inner 6th sense, we can sense, see and feel this living landscape anatomy, and begin to live with full sentience and intelligence on the Earth again.


Subtle Energy Body of the Earth: learning about the spiritual anatomy of the land

A training session for newcomers and beginners to learn how to become aware and study of the magnetic matrix of the land.   Participants will learn to detect, trace & map underground water flows, subtle energy vortexes & ley lines, and how to use this 6th sense information to discover sacred space.Working together in teams, we will trace the water flows, ley lines and vortexes on, under and over New Harmony Farm to create a map of the earth energy anatomy of the land, and to identify special features and sacred spaces.


Connect to The Mother: engage with the Earth as living intelligence

Becoming aware of the land’s magnetic matrix, by conscious intention, we can interact intelligently with the Earth and its living inhabitants. Simple intentions and tools can rearrange, realign and intensify these earth energy fields and can open our awareness to the dynamic intelligence of the land, and allow us to cultivate a fully sentient, fully conscious relationship with earthspirit.  We will share and explore our collective knowledge and insight about ways initiate this intimate personal engagement with the land including the opportunity to participate in Sacred Circle Dance led by Ellen Kennedy of the 4 Seasons Dance Community.

Among other forms of earth energy are dragon paths and earth vortexes, and New Harmony Farm has both.  After learning about dragons, The Mother and the Underworld in mythology, culture & legend, we will learn about the dragon within, and the ancient discipline to awaken the dragon.

Saturday, October 11, 2015 9am to 4pm

New Harmony Farm, 186 High Road Newbury, MA

Suggested Donation

Full day $25 half day $15 lunch pot luck or $7 pitch in for carry out

Preregistration is preferred (pay on day of the workshop) as space is limited. This workshop is open to the public so please share this info if you know of someone who would enjoy it. The workshop will be held in the barn, field and forrest of our Newbury farm at 186 High Rd. (Route 1A)

To register contact Erin at or call 978-807-6315