2015 will be our fourth full growing season and the fifth year of our CSA Harvest Share. The CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model is designed to directly connect consumers to growers. By pre-buying a share of the upcoming season’s harvest, customers support the farm with the critical funding needed to invest in supplies such as seeds and equipment during the winter months as well as on-going production costs throughout the season. In return for sharing the risks like weather, pests, etc., members enjoy abundant rewards! At New Harmony Farm, our Summer Harvest Share CSA pick-up is farm stand style with our customers selecting their own vegetable and herbs. New this year, is our Pick-Your-Own Herb and Flower Harvest Share at our Newbury Farm for an additional $120 for approximately 12 weeks. Our shareholders are valuable members of the NHF family and enjoy a weekly bounty of food including delicious, organic classic, ethnic, and heirloom vegetables picked at their peak flavor. In 2015 we are planning our harvest to be from mid-June thru mid to late October (18 weeks) and pick-up is conveniently scheduled every week at our Newbury and West Newbury, MA farm stands. The expected harvest will begin with greens, pea tendrils, garlic scapes, and roots to name only a few. The warmer months come with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, kale, zucchini, and so much more. As Fall approaches the cooler temps are perfect for potatoes, brussel sprouts, carrots, spinach, kale, beets, and squash. Shareholders will also have a pick-your-own garden of peas, beans, and cherry tomatoes at our Newbury farm. 7 benefits to being a New Harmony Farm Shareholder:

(1) Freshness & Quality You Can Trust: The farm-to-customer model ensures that you are getting vegetables that have been picked at their peak freshness. As an organic farmer, you can rest assured that you are serving yourself and your family vegetables that are free of sludge, chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides. Our farming practices ensure our veggies are not only organic but also nutrient dense!

(2) Money Saving: A Full Share for $700 can feed an average family of four people. Over 18 weeks, this factors to less than $9.72 per week or $1.38 per day per person for organic vegetables! Plus, when stored properly our vegetables will keep longer than store bought items (see #1).

(3) Shareholder Only Perks: As a New Harmony Farm Shareholder you can enjoy a variety of perks including our Kitchen & Pantry Guide to help you get the most out of your CSA, a 25% workshop discount, shareholder only events, pick your own beans, peas, and cherry tomatoes, weekly recipes and meal planning, free eco-friendly bag for new members, and $25 farm stand credit for referrals that purchase a share.

(4) Community & Connection: Being a shareholder is a great way to get to know your farmer, and for us to get to know you! Our farm is about building community through taking care of the Earth, offering innovative educational programs, and of course producing nutritious vegetables. Shareholders are more closely connected to where their food comes from and are welcomed to participate in harvesting events. Pick-ups are a great time to talk to us about recipes, storage and preparation tips, etc.

(5) Mutual Support: We are in this together. With your up-front financial commitment, we commit to growing you the most nutritious and delicious vegetables that we can.

(6) Environment: As a certified organic farm using earth-friendly biological farming practices and permaculture principles, our approach promotes and enhances the health and resilience of soil biology, plants, animals, and people.

(7) Education: We strive to be more than just a vegetable farm by providing your highly valuable educational tools whether it be through workshops, discussion groups, blogs, etc. Bringing your children to the farm is a great way to teach them about the importance of agriculture and caring for our land.

Join us NOW and get up to $70 in Farm Stand Credit!

We are offering Full and Half Share options and a Pick-Your-Own Herb/Flower Share in Newbury. Go to the Summer 2015 Harvest Share link for more details and to enroll on-line or download the application and mail the check to New Harmony Farm, % Erin Stack, 76 Lime Street, Newburyport, MA.

With you payment in full by December 31, 2014, Full Share members will receive a $70 Farm Stand Credit towards 2015 farm stand purchases and Half Share members will receive $40. That’s 10% more vegetables - FREE!

We have bold goals for 2015 including increasing our harvest share members by more than 50%. Building off this year’s success, we are eager to grow our community and implement the valuable feedback that we’ve received from our existing harvest share members. We thank you for your valued support and look forward to a bountiful 2015 growing season and building a healthy and joyful community.

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