We are excited and honored to host   master dowser and environmental champion David Yarrow this Saturday July 25, for a 1- day intensive training on developing 6th sense, sacred space and water wisdom.  David will be visiting for the next few days  connecting with the Nature energies on our farm and has generously offered to teach this workshop as part of our mission to open people to a  more direct connection to our Natural World. This is a rare opportunity to walk the land with a master dowser and learn the basics of dowsing. You may come for the full day or half day session. All proceeds go directly to David. Lunch is a pot luck in our barn or you may pitch in $7 for some pizza.  Please contact me via email erin@newharmonyfarm.com to let me know if you would like to attend. 

Preregistration is preferred (pay on day of the workshop) as space is limited. This workshop is open to the public so please share this info if you know of someone who would enjoy it.