You are invited to join Farmer Erin for a farm tour and discussion of earth friendly growing practices that can be applied to home and community gardens. Come see the evolving no-till growing fields and permaculture design and biological growing practices that support local wild life and biodiversity while building a healthy soil web that helps mitigate climate change by absorbing carbon from the atmosphere while being more resilient to climate stress. At the end of the tour participants will have an opportunity to try some produce and taste the delicious difference that organic, biologically grown food can offer. We will be meeting at our red barn at 186 High Rd. Newbury.

Growing Food as if the Earth Mattered: Mass Nofa Workshop with Ricky Baruc and Erin Stack Sunday, October 8 10 AM - 6PM


You can help mitigate the impacts of climate change while growing vitally rich foods. By using simple and earth-friendly materials and techniques like cardboard mulching, occultation, leaf mould, cover cropping, and urine reclamation you can turn marginal land into a highly-productive garden without fancy tools.

In this workshop veteran grower Ricky Baruc, co-creator of Seeds of Solidarity, will provide low cost, easy to implement, minimal maintenance techniques to sequester carbon and build life in the soil.

Home gardeners, community gardeners and small farmers will leave this day-long workshop with inspiration and practical techniques to transform their gardens.

Here’s a run-down of the workshop schedule:

  • Morning Session: Carbon-Smart Regenerative Growing Principles and Practices:Learn to grow on marginal land using local resources for fertility and never tilling (no machinery necessary).

  • Potluck Lunch

  • Afternoon Session: Designing a Garden as if the Earth Matters: Learn how to design and implement a garden the carbon smart way. Using Earth Harmony Farm and Sanctuary as a template, Erin Stack, manager of the Earth Harmony Farm, and Ricky will discuss how to ensure your garden is multi-functional, aesthetically pleasing, and ecologically integrated. Specific topics may include creating borders, designing habitats, reclaiming overgrown garden areas, and more.


NOFA Member - $60
General Public - $75

* Add $5 for day-of sales  To Register go to the Massachusetts NOFA (Northeast Organic Farming Association) website 

About the Instructors:

Ricky Baruc is a 3-decade farmer and land artist. He is co-creator of Seeds of Solidarity in Orange, MA where he transformed marginal land into a vibrant, successful small farm that is nationally recognized for its no-till, regenerative methods.

Erin Stack started New Harmony Farm, a certified organic vegetable farm, five years ago. In the evolution of her original environmental, spiritual and community vision, the farm now shares the land with Earth Harmony Sanctuary, a non-profit dedicated to building community resilience in an era of profound environmental and social change by cultivating an intimate, healing relationship between humans and Earth.


Join in an Earth Day Spirit Celebration This Sunday April 23 at New Harmony Farm, Newbury!

All are welcome to honor and delight in Mother Earth as New Harmony Farm extends its community mission beyond growing organic food and inaugurates its new non-profit Earth Harmony Sanctuary. Join shaman Cynthia Barnard, drummer Gregorio De La Selva, Sanskrit Mantra teacher Brendon Nay and others at Earth Harmony Sanctuary’s inaugural Earth Day Celebration. This family event exemplifies our mission to build community resilience in an era of profound environmental and social change by cultivating an intimate, healing relationship between humans and Earth.
Our Earth Day Celebration will be held Sunday April 23 3pm-4:30 pm186 High Road Newbury, MA. For more information contact Erin Stack at 978-807-6315 or



We have been busy blessing our seeds, inoculating them with beneficial micro-organisms, planting them in the highest quality organic soil, and showering them with molasses, raw milk, fish, minerals, and tender care. Our certified organic herbs, vegetable (including our awesome heirloom tomatoes and flower seedlings will be ready for planting by mid-May. So come down to our propagation house behind the big red barn to choose the plants that want to come home with you on Saturdays May 13th and 20th from 9am-1pm. All profit will go towards supporting our new educational and charitable non-profit Earth Harmony Sanctuary.

Landance- Earth-dance Intensive with Clyde Forth and Dancers from the Lokasparśa Dance Projects Saturday June 3rd 9 am-6 pm

Landance is a one day earth-dance intensive with choreographer clyde forth and her fellow dancers Jennifer Lavenhar, Caitlin Quinn and Andy Kriger from Lokasparśa Dance Projects.  It's going to be a great time to dance in the dirt on our inspiring farm. We will be getting intimate with the landscape, the movements and rhythms of farming, ourselves, and each other - the whole improvisational soup! Hope you can make it. Absolutely open to all experience levels!

Workshop day begins with 5 Elements Qigong in the field at 9am and continues with sessions on turning "labor" into choreographyauthentic movement practice, and partnering the earth. For more detailed info on the schedule, email

Landance Earth-Dance Intensive
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Contribution to the Dancers and the Farm:
$85 per person for the day.  Children's program just $10 per child with paying adult to be paid on day of workshop.