Starts Saturday March 24

Work in harmony with Nature and take your garden and yard to new levels of health, beauty and productivity by gardening as a joyful and co-creative practice.  Taught by our farm manager Erin Stack, this garden club  is geared to the home gardener/ homesteader who wants a deep understanding of environmental stewardship and a holistic approach to their landscape and garden. The garden club will be a mix of discussion, lecture, and hands-on experience and will meet monthly, March through October, plus a bonus meeting determined by the group.  Gardeners will learn to grow robust vegetables, flowers, berries and herbs in a most Earth friendly way. Our Garden Club is a unique opportunity to learn   permaculture design and principles, engaged observation, optimal nutrition and biological and organic growing methods through out the growing season just when you and your garden need it.

Topics include:

  • site selection and garden design with you and Nature in mind.
  • seedling starting
  • companion planting
  • building and maintaining healthy soil.
  • no-till gardening,
  • inocculants for seeds and foliar sprays to build plant's immune systems and improve flavor and growth
  • essential minerals, their function  and how to balance them in your soil  for optimal plant growth
  • timing of soil and plant nutrition through the growing season
  • Nature friendly weed and pest management.
  • supporting bees and other beneficial insects in your garden
  • maintaining nutrition throughout the growing season.
  • "paying attention" to  your garden to alieviate nutrient deficiencies and insect and disease issues 
  •  seed saving
  • cover cropping and preparing garden for winter

Our garden club will meet monthly March through October, on the fourth  Saturday of the month,  We will meet at New Harmony Farm/Earth Harmony Sanctuary at 186 High Rd., Newbury from 9AM- 11:30 AM Rain or Shine (we have places to stay dry and cozy in inclement weather).

Erin will also help interpret gardeners' soil tests and make recommendations for nutrition. We will also have a visit from guest teacher Phil Jones, an expert on soil fertility and plant health.

Earth Harmony Garden Club Cost for 2018 season:

Individual $225

Family $350   (2 people from the same household.)

On-line purchase includes 3% convenience fee.


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