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          Finish Product
          Hot products
          Fruit/Vegetable powder
          Plant Feed Additive
          Extracts for Cosmetics
          Classified by function
          ·Loss Weight
          ·For Liver
          ·For cardiovascular
          ·Women Health
          ·Cosmetics Ingredient
          ·Eye Care
          ·Immune Enhancing

          Hagen Biotechnology have two large industrial production bases, follow GMP standard: hunan changsha extract production base and
          the other one is xiangxi Chinese herbal medicine extraction production base .

          Hagen Biotechnology possesses a advanced production process and international producing technology and advanced facilities for
          extraction, concentration, column chromatography, refined separation, freeze drying,vacuum drying, spray drying, etc. All reached
          leading level equipment. We has formulated strict quality standardsand quality control process in the production process, effectively
          guarantee the stability of the product quality, we vouch for the quality of our products for our customers, with the certification of GMP,
          ISO9001.2000, KOSHER, HALAL,etc.Other international standards organization the authentication , we pledge that we will always
          uphold the highest standards of safety for our customers around the world.


          Hagen Biotechnology Co.,Ltd     Phone:0086-731-88395305
          FAX1:0086-731-88809325 FAX2:0086-731-88707125~8666
          ADD:International Enterprise Center,No.188,Middle Huanbao RD, Changsha,Hunan,China.

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