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           Ginseng for Increased Energy

          Ginseng has long been used in Asia as an energy booster.  Ginseng is an adrenal tonic and it is useful for people who are tired and are faced with complex tasks.  Ginseng can enhance performance and combat stress and fatigue.  Physiologically, the mode in which ginseng works is by stimulating the pituitary gland to release ACTH or adrenocorticotropic hormone.

          ACTH is a hormone that helps us battle fatigue and stress.  Ginseng benefits us by increasing strength and endurance.  Ginseng is meant for short term use, however, and is not to be taken daily for long periods of time.  High doses of ginseng for long periods of time should never be done.  Possible side effects of ginseng could include anxiety,hypertension and nervousness.  Possible side effects for women are changes in the menstrual cycle or breast pain.

          Either lowering your dosage or cessation of ginseng should ensue if you experience side effects.  Ginseng may be purchased in and oil base, as a tea, tablets, capsules or as a tincture.  It is important, no matter which form you use, to ensure you buy the ginseng without added sugar or coloring.  As with any herbal product, make sure you read the label for the standard amount of the active ingredient.  If you are looking at Panax ginseng, the active ingredient would be ginsenoside.

          Read the label for the recommended minimum for the purpose of stimulating the adrenal glands.  For short term use, when added energy and stamina is required, ginseng could give you the boost that you need.

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