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           St John's Wort extract

          Product name: St John's Wort P.E
          Latin name: Hypericum perforatum L
          Active ingredients:Hypericin
          Part: The whole herb of Hypericum perforatum
          Appearance: Brownish black powder
          Specification: 0.3%Hypericin
          Extract Method:Grain alcohol / UV
          Hypericum perforatum is a perennial herb from Hypericum. According to the latest results of an experimental study, confirmed by the hypericin in Hypericum perforatum extracts, to treat patients with moderate depression, and very few adverse side effects 
          Nerve nutrition as security, prevention and treatment of disorders and mood disorders caused by the depression, eliminate stress and depression, sleep. Treatment of anxiety, apathy, low self-esteem and menopause neurasthenia, to prevent bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Can effectively reduce the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS.

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