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           Red jujube powder

          1.Product name:Red jujube powder
          2.Appearance:Brown-yellow powder
          3.GMP factory
          5.Used in food,milk and drink
          1.Completely remain the nutritions.
          2.Made from fresh jujube.
          3.Wildly used in food and milk and drinks.
             Based on the superior golden-silk jujube produced by 100,000 Mu green jujube garden, adopting advanced biologic engineering technology, the golden-silk jujube pure powder is produced through vacuum freeze-dried technics, perfectly remaining the proper nutrient content and special taste of the fresh golden-silk jujube. The powder is rich in amino acid, vitamin C, calcium, protein, polysaccharide, CAMP and other elements.
          1.Complementing spleen
          2.Protecting stomach and liver
          3.Strenthening muscle power
          4.Improving immunity
          5.lowering blood pressure and cholesterin
          6.Preventing cancer, etc.

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          ADD:International Enterprise Center,No.188,Middle Huanbao RD, Changsha,Hunan,China.

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