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          Fruit/Vegetable powder
          Plant Feed Additive
          Extracts for Cosmetics
          Classified by function
          ·Loss Weight
          ·For Liver
          ·For cardiovascular
          ·Women Health
          ·Cosmetics Ingredient
          ·Eye Care
          ·Immune Enhancing

           Black currant powder

          Latin Name:Ribes nigrumL.                                             
          Part of the Plant Used:Berry
          Active Ingredients:Anthocyanidins                              
          Product Specification:
            5~20% Anthocyanidins
          Product Introduction
          Black currant is rich in Anthocyanidins. The roles of Anthocyanidins pigments as medicinal agents have been well-accepted dogma in folk medicine throughout the world, and, in fact, these pigments are linked to an amazingly broad-based range of health benefits.From the limited data, black currant oil and juice extracts appear useful as an antioxidant source and in treating rheumatoid arthritis and night and fatigue-related visual impairment; the oil and juice extracts also
          Product Features
           No Added Sugar, No Preservatives
           100% Natural Blackcurrant From Northeastern China.
           Contains Rich Anthocyanins and Polyphenols to Improve the Visual Function
          Physiological Functions
          1.Enhancing night vision or overall vision
          2. Reducing cancer cell proliferation and inhibiting tumor formation
          3. Cardiovascular disease protection
          4. Aid in the prevention of obestity and diabetes
          5. Capacity to modulate cognitive and motor function to enhance memory
          6. Benefit for pancreatic disorders
          7. Prevention of generation of free radicals and etc.
          Applications:Non-alcoholic beverages, fruit wine, dairy products, bread, cakes, pastries, ice cream, health and dietary products.

          Hagen Biotechnology Co.,Ltd     Phone:0086-731-88395305
          FAX1:0086-731-88809325 FAX2:0086-731-88707125~8666
          ADD:International Enterprise Center,No.188,Middle Huanbao RD, Changsha,Hunan,China.

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