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          Fruit/Vegetable powder
          Plant Feed Additive
          Extracts for Cosmetics
          Classified by function
          ·Loss Weight
          ·For Liver
          ·For cardiovascular
          ·Women Health
          ·Cosmetics Ingredient
          ·Eye Care
          ·Immune Enhancing

           Grape Fruit Powder

          Specifications Grape Fruit Powder ---Factory
          1.high-quality, discount prices
          2. Prompt delivery
          3.Free samples
          Health Benefits as follows:
          A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that grape seed extract, especially OPCs, possesses a broad spectrum of biological, pharmacological and chemo-protective properties against free radicals and oxidative stress.
          1. Scavenges free radical, eliminate speckles
          2. Enhances cardiovascular health.
          3. Inhibits growth and formation of certain types of cancer.
          4. Improves visual performance in humans.
          5. Reduces symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.
          6. Rreduces symptoms in gastric ulcers.
          7. Protects cells against drug, chemical and environmental pollutants toxicity.
          8. Reduce aging and loss of elasticity in skin etc.
          Storage: Stored in a well-closed container away from moisture.

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          FAX1:0086-731-88809325 FAX2:0086-731-88707125~8666
          ADD:International Enterprise Center,No.188,Middle Huanbao RD, Changsha,Hunan,China.

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