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           Ginkgo Biloba extract

          Latin Name: Ginkgo Biloba L
          Flavonoides/Lactone 24%/3%
          Flavonoides/Lactone 24%/6%
          Flavonoides/Lactone 24%/6%; Ginkgolic acid<5ppm
          Flavonoides/Lactone 24%/6%; Ginkgolic acid<1ppm
          Test method: HPLC
          Molecular Formula:C15H18O8
          Formula Weight:326.3
          CAS No.: 90045-36-6
          Structural Formula:

          a. Improve blood circulation in brain
          b. Antioxidant properties
          c. Reduce blood viscosity.
          1.Cure coronary artery disease and angina;
          2.Cure retinal arteriosclerosis;
          3.Cure chronic serum hepatitis methyl fibrosis;
          4.Cure acute cerebral infarction;
          5.It can be used for curing artery of lower extremity,vertigo,deafness,edema,visual disorder,remembrance decrescence,asthma and so on.

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